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Beauty Focus Collagen Nuskin

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Beauty Focus Collagen Nuskin

What makes Collagen+ unique?
Beauty Focus™ Collagen+ is a skin care super supplement that helps support multiple important areas of skin health. It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, supports hydration and moisture levels, and boosts collagen and elastin formation in the skin. What truly adds the “plus” to Collagen+ is that our powerful formula does more than common collagen products due to its proprietary ingredient blend. Our  Bioactive Collagen Peptides† have a special peptide “fingerprint” that allows them to more effectively bind to collagen receptors and enhance your beauty at its best.

Personal Review - I have been drinking Beauty Focus Collagen supplement for two months now and Im super impressed with the added benefits not just with luminous skin and healthy nails but i have also experienced no more knee stiffness/inflammation  or aches and pains in my right knee which I'm absolutely super happy about, I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve there overall health and beauty 


Mix one rounded scoop of Collagen powder + with 250 mL of water and enjoy once daily


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