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Byou, is an on-trend Australian Owned, designer jewellery label with a focus on modern, stylish and chic pieces for the modern woman.


Established in Sydney, Byou Jewellery provides messages of enlightenment. Our precious jewels can be activated to provide healing energy to yourself and your loved ones, whilst being a stylish piece in its own right.  Combining our two loves, the world you can see and the world you can’t.


Handmade, we offer personalised jewellery. Our gold filled jewellery is hand crafted in our Sydney studio, and our gorgeous silver pieces are sourced from around the globe.

Byou Designs was founded after the birth of our own precious jewels, as we embarked on a spiritual journey, we asked the question “what if your Jewellery could do more than be just a modern accessory?” We felt the need to inspire and to serve in a way that brings great joy to ourselves and others. We soon realised we could do this through our love of jewellery and "The Divine" and provide pieces to women who also were seeking the same energy through our gorgeous statement pieces.


As the creator of Byou Designs, our vision is to encourage and empower women spiritually. To be yourself, Be you, as The Divine created you, as you inspire others to live authentically also.


So much of what we do at Byou Designs is centred around love. We take great pride and care in crafting each piece for our customers, understanding the value and significance that they hold. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, as well as great quality and the most affordable on trend gold and silver fashion jewellery and accessories to women all over the world.


We're ready to provide you with on trend jewellery pieces to light and to love.


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